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The Crush: It's a hands on experience!
The Squeeze: And it turns into wine
How to purchase your own barrel or portion of a barrel:

2020/2021 AVAILABLE WINE VARIETALS AND BLENDS~new pricing coming soon.

Fresh California grapes from the Central Valley (Amador, Fresno, Lodi, Stockton)

All wines are aged in oak barrels and prices include all grapes, barrels and supplies.

Prices include a brand front and back label. Custom front labels are available at an extra charge.

A preferred order is at least a half barrel, which yields 12 cases (144 bottles).

You are welcome to share your winemaking with your friends and family members,

or see Patrick to coordinate sharing with another member. 

Pre-order today to choose from the largest selection. Full deposit is required to secure this pricing. Prices do not include tax or shipping which will be assessed at time of delivery. Please call or email with inquiries. For smaller quantities please go to the Wine Menu page.

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